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Donor Registration Qualifications

・Women age of 20 to 29 in good health.

・Non-smoker (no smoking until donor registration).

・No addictions to drugs or alcohol.

・Not on any tranquilizers.

・Able to follow the agent's program.

※Women who have been pregnant or who have given birth are also welcome.

※You need not be an American citizen or a U.S. resident (green card holder) or have a work visa. You only need to be on Oahu during the egg removal protocol.



【You will receive Honorarium】

When your egg donation is successfully completed, the Honorarium will be given for your time, effort, and devotion whether or not the client becomes pregnant.

This is not payment for the egg, it is for your cooperation.

The maximum amount of the honorarium from the client (contracted recipient for egg donation: egg bank, client recipient, or egg agent) is $7000 (plus transportation costs).

*The specific amount will be stated when there is an egg donation request.


We always follow strict confidentiality measures to prevent your information registered with us from leaking to any third party. We also do not reveal any personal information to the client other than images and basic medical data. We protect your privacy.


If you have any questions, use our Question/Q&A page to contact us. Feel free to ask any questions. We will reply promptly.

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