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Donor aptitude tests

Before donating an egg and starting the egg removal process, you will undergo donor aptitude tests.

・Cervical cancer exam

・CBC blood test (including blood type)

・FDA infectious disease testing

・Ultrasound cleaning + AMH test

・Psychological test

After the above tests are conducted by our partner clinic and no problems are found, we will proceed with the egg removal program.

If a Aptitude test shows a problem preventing an egg donation, you will still not be charged for the tests.

Have you ever had a gynecological exam such as for cervical cancer (pap smear), tested for infectious diseases, or had an ultrasound or blood test to check your ovarian follicle count? Do you have periodic gynecological exams?

Many of those undergoing infertility treatments hardly had any gynecological exams, etc., until they started trying to conceive. When they were told of their infertility, the cause was unknown for many of them. Whether it was due to a medical condition or one's age was unknown. There are also many young women who had a gynecological problem, but never knew about it because they never went for an examination. This is how it is.

People living in a foreign country with no national health insurance have a hard time getting regular medical exams. Undergoing these donor aptitude tests will also enable you to find out your current medical condition.

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