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-Egg Donor Agency-

Ha'leia bebe LLC

 is looking for native-Japanese, Asian egg donors living in Hawaii!

Without waiting for a recipient, your egg donation program can start when you register as a donor at our agency.Your first-time egg donation can take as short as two months. From your second donation onward, the program can end as fast as one month. You will receive honorarium/max $6500 in return for each donation.

The egg donation program will be conducted entirely at a partner clinic on Oahu, Hawaii. You can do the program while still going to school or work. Each medical exam or checkup takes about 30 minutes. (Two hours for when the egg is extracted.) You hardly need to be absent from school or work. All our donors do it while going to college or work or sightseeing on Oahu. It does not require much of your time.

Donating an egg is not like donating a vital organ.

We develop the egg that does not ovulate and otherwise would become extinct in the ovaries. Please become an egg donor and help to bring baby angels!! (We have not heard of a failed pregnancy due to a donated egg.)

You need not be an American citizen, a legal resident (green card) of America, or have a work visa. As long as you are age 20 to 29, in good health, and on Oahu during the egg removal process, you can register to be a donor. You can even do it during a long vacation on Oahu.

After you complete the program, you will receive the honorarium immediately!

Before you become a donor, we will explain everything about the program in detail. Even after our explanation, we will never force you to become a donor. We will also strictly protect all personal information and maintain your privacy.

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About Ha'leia bebe LLC

There is an ever increasing number of women who have problems conceiving a child. It can be due to ovarian cancer, premature menopause, or other disease or congenital condition affecting the ovaries that prevents pregnancy. Many career women are also delaying marriage and childbirth. Their advanced age can limit the removable number and quality of their eggs, making it difficult for them to get pregnant. There is an increasing worldwide demand for egg donors.

As the donor agent, we will take the utmost care to protect the donor's privacy and ensure the safety of the medical procedures for the donor bestowing this ray of hope and contributing to society. If you have any questions about being an egg donor, do not hesitate to ask us. Regardless of whether or not you decide to become a donor, we will explain it thoroughly until you understand everything. We sincerely ask for your cooperation.

Help bring the joy of parenthood to a loving couple waiting for a baby angel!

We sincerely ask for your cooperation.

Ha'leia bebe LLC Precident/Director

Takiko Bersch

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